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BOTSWANA - 2nd - 16th June 2021

Join me for a tailor made safari taking in both the fantastic Chobe river for eye level photography from purpose built boats as well as tracking predators from open sided 4WD vehicles in Savuti where there are big cats aplenty.

On arrival in South Africa we will board the connecting flight for the short trip up to Kasane on the Chobe River in Botswana. Our hotel, just 5 minutes from the airport, is right on the riverside. We will take a breath (and a beer) after our long journey and discuss the program for the next 3 days retiring at a reasonable hour for a very early start in the morning.

Before breakfast we will take hot tea and biscuits onto our exclusive photographic boat fitted with gimbal heads for your convenience. There are swivel seats giving 360 degree visibility so any wildlife action should not be missed. Travelling up the river we will look for backlit shots as the sun rises and then, with the best morning light we will empty our flash cards with the abundance of birds and animals crossing the river in front of us. Back to the hotel for breakfast and a leisurely couple of hours before we do it all again in the afternoon.

For 3 days we will follow this regime with close up action-packed shots of fighting hippos, diving kingfishers, squawking fish eagles, marauding troops of baboons and hopefully painted dogs.

Taking a break from the river we travel to Savuti and we will look for big cats from 4WD vehicles. The Savuti area has high densities of both predator and prey animals. The lions in this area have developed the art of hunting elephant with hyenas and jackals feeding off the scraps and vultures waiting in the wings. Both cheetah and leopard can be found in the Savuti Marshes.

After spending 6 full days in Savuti we will return to Kasane and spend the last 3 days back on the river honing our skills with all that unfolds before us.

An action packed voyage full of variety both with the animals and the terrain. Stunning photographic backdrops with amazing light at both ends of the day will give you plenty of first class photos to remember this exciting safari.

At all times I will be on hand for photographic advice and, along with the guide, will keep watch for unmissable action.

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